This is a great time to start cooking with your broth and soups to strengthen your overall health and bones.

One bowl of turkey broth can enrich you with




•amino acids


•vitamin B6

•vitamin B12


(something you could use as well)

Insomnia: Turkey broth can save you from insomnia – a sleep disorder. The turkey is loaded with an enzyme tryptophan, which calms the brain and induces sleep. This means you can enjoy a golden sleeping pattern by slurping a bowl of turkey broth or adding it to the dishes. Doesn’t it sound interesting?

Testosterone Booster: Turkey broth a testosterone booster?! Yeah, you heard it right. Turkey broth serves as a good testosterone booster because it is loaded with proteins which are known to improve testosterone levels in the body. A diet which is low in protein increases sex –hormone binding globulin (SHBG) levels in the body. The increased levels of SHBG hamper bioactivity of testosterone. The decreased levels of testosterone are known to diminish the sexual function and mass of red blood cells. Lowered testosterone levels also affect the bone health.

Cancer Inhibiter: As said before the turkey broth is loaded with tryptophan which is known to boost the immune system and attack cancerous cells. During the absence of tryptophan, body produces T cells, which have comparatively short life span than tryptophan and they perish during apoptosis, thereby making body vulnerable to severe ailments.

Mood Enhancer: The tryptophan in turkey is also a constituent of serotonin. Serotonin is a well-known mood enhancer.

Lowers Cholesterol: Turkey meat is low in saturated fats and cholesterol. This makes turkey broth a better option than BEEF broth.

Boosts Immune System: As said before, turkey broth is enriched with tryptophan which is an amazing immune system booster. During a clinical study conducted on mice, it was concluded that tryptophan alleviated the symptoms of autoimmune disease.

You can experience the health benefits of turkey broth by including it in as many soups and stews as you can. While a bowl of turkey broth can never be a substitute for medicine or doctors, it does offer warmth and comfort, which no other medicine can deliver. So, if you are feeling low due to weather, then go for a bowl of turkey broth , relax and enjoy to maximum!

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